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Tedioli law firm assists and represents its clients in domestic and international arbitration proceedings, whether in civil and commercial matters. Our partners are fully conversant with corporate arbitration, provided by Legislative Decree no. 5/2003 (disputes between shareholders, or between shareholders and companies or disputes concerning directors, auditors and liquidators).

We assist our clients in drafting contractual provisions governing venue, forum choice, and other arbitral clauses (concerning the rules, the language and the seat of arbitration). We also have a significant experience in informal arbitration, a procedure in which the awards are binding only at contractual level and cannot be enforced as a judgment by means of a court exequatur.

Our lawyers have been appointed as Arbitrators in several procedures concerning the international sale of goods, supply contracts, corporate disputes and non-contractual liability. They are frequently asked to draft the grounds for challenging an award or to request the recognition and the enforcement of a foreign decision.

Tedioli law firm is also active in the field of alternative dispute resolution, mediation and in out-of-court proceedings.

Our partner Francesco Tedioli is expert in UNCITRAL International Commercial Arbitration and member of Young International Arbitration Group (YIAG), an association of arbitration lawyers, sponsored by the LCIA to exchange views on, and to debate, topical issues in international commercial arbitration.

What we do ?

  • Arbitration Agreement

    arbitral clauses regarding contractual or non contractual matters.

  • Informal Arbitrations

    with awards binding only at contractual level.

  • Appointed as Arbitrators

    by the parties, by a third-party or by the Court.

  • Arbitral proceedings

    to better represent our clients.

  • Award

    correction, setting aside, recognition and enforcement.

  • Corporate arbitration

    between shareholders, directors, liquidators.