Agricultural Law

Assisting Farmers since 1969

Since its foundation in 1969, Tedioli law firm has extensive experience in agricultural law, providing accurate and sophisticated advice to landowners (farmers, livestock breeders, dairymen, winegrowers and seed producers), investors, lenders and distributors.

Our assistance extends from farm management issues, farm properties purchases, sales and rent, leases of sheds and stables for cattle breeding and other agribusiness contracts (e.g. soccida), to litigation and dispute resolution across a variety of legal forums, including Courts and administrative agencies.

Our partner Claudio Tedioli offers top-tier and highly focused counselling services regarding pre-emption right to purchase farm properties, indemnity for improvements added by the direct growers and draws up appeals against acts and administrative measures.

He helps clients navigate the complex web of legal and regulatory issues, affecting  the “agribusiness” world. This relates, for instance, to lessor and lessee rights (e.g. on the duration or the termination of the contract, the condition under which agriculture properties may be transfer to another owner, and the right of first refusal of the tenant if the landlord intend to lease his property), or most common legal issues, such as general eviction, eviction of partners from family and corporate entities and disputes with neighboring landowners.

What we do?

  • Advice to landowners

    regarding real estate purchases and sales.

  • Lessor/lessee rights

    according to the contract.

  • Litigation

    disputes with landowners and partners.

  • Real estate

    disputes and breach of contract.

  • Counselling

    to food and agriculture industries, including wine, grape, rice, seeds, among others.

  • Business planning

    family owned business planning and consulting, including tax, estate and succession planning.