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    Based in northern Italy, Studio legale Tedioli was established in 1969 and is a well-connected law firm acting for domestic and international companies, institutions, family offices and individuals in a wide range of practice areas. A significant number of our clients are entrepreneurs operating in financial, tourism, real estate, fashion and transport industries.

    Our experience extends from judicial activity to extrajudicial, mainly based in the following areas: general civil and commercial practice, insolvency and corporate law.

    Since its foundation, Tedioli law firm has extensive experience in agricultural law, providing accurate and sophisticated advice to landowners, investors, lenders and distributors.

  • Our expertise

    Tedioli law firm has also particular skill in arbitration, whether through the aid and representation of parties, or through the election as arbiter of its members.

    From our offices in Mantova, we are connected with the major legal firms nationwide.

    Through Euro-Counsels, an independent law firm network, we are able to provide international advise on commercial law, trademarks and intellectual property law.

    We also offer necessary information on the laws of the foreign countries where our clients intend to start-up commercial or industrial projects, allowing them to receive legal aid in situ for the development of their affairs.

    the firm
  • Agricultural Law

    Since 1969, informed and sophisticated advice to landowners, investors, lenders and distributors

  • Commercial & Corporate Law

    Legal assistance and advice on corporate, financial and commercial law to national and foreign companies

  • Civil Law

    Offering assistance in the various sectors of Private law, we negotiate and draft most of the contracts provided for by Italian law.

  • Family Law

    With extensive experience in family law, legal separation and divorce, contested child custody, patrimonial disputes on the communion of goods and estate.

  • Insolvency Law

    A significant expertise in bankruptcy proceedings and in business crisis situations, both on the creditors’ and debtor company’s side.

  • Arbitration

    Appointed as Arbitrators in several contractual and non contractual disputes, also representing clients in domestic and international arbitration proceedings.