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General conditions

The navigation, lookup and use of the web site accessible at the URL (hereinafter "Site") requires the integral acceptance of the following Conditions of use (hereinafter "Services") for each legal service or any other service available and published in suitable pages and sections of the Site.
Users agree to have read and to accept all the present Conditions of use and/or any other note, legal notice, informative or disclaimer published in any part of the Site.
Users bind to use the Site and any other service, data, information etc. available on the Site only for legitimate purposes and abiding by all terms and conditions of use anywhere specified on the Site. Users take the full and sole responsibility for any illegitimate use and/or infringement of the applicable law.

General obligatory informations

The Site, accessible at the URL is published by Tedioli Law Firm located in Mantova, Via Frattini n. 7 - CAP 46100 - Tel. + 39 0376360313 - Fax. + 39 0376360313 - e-mail: - Partita IVA 00421590209, referring Authority: Consiglio dell'Ordine degli Avvocati e Praticanti Avvocati di Mantova.
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According to articles 17 and 35 of the Forensic Deontological Code the following information are provided for:
  • Tedioli Law Firm Attorneys are pledged to abide scrupulously by the Deontological Forensic Code in providing all the Services available on the Site and in performing any activity in connection with the Site;
  • he professional fees amount is calculated in conformity with the professional fees published on the New Forensic Fee Book approved with Ministerial Decree 08/04/2004. n. 127, Gazzetta Ufficiale, Supplemento Ordinario, n.115 of 18/05/2004

Use of services and information

Information available on the Site is free of charge while Legal Services are fee-based services. Information available on the Site is only an informative tool and, unless differently specified, does not constitute a contractual proposal neither an offer to the public according to art. 1336 of the Civil Code and cannot be considered a binding promise for any business or negotiation. This web site does not constitute explicit or tacit advertisement barred by articles 17 and 18 of the Italian Legal Code of Conduct. The activities carried out by the lawyers are listed for the sake of information only and are meant exclusively as a description of the activity itself, and continue to be subject to the relative specific regulations. Any assignments must be conferred through the traditional instruments. Connection to Site and the reading of its contents does not entail either the provision of professional consulting or the establishment of a lawyer-client relationship between Tedioli Law Firm and visitors.
Any exploitation of the Site and/or the Services (including any form of reproduction, editing, duplication, copy, distribution or sale such intended for) is strictly prohibited unless differently specified and/or upon written authorization of Tedioli Law Firm.

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The Site could set links (hereinafter "links") to other websites or Internet resources. Users realize and recognize that Tedioli Law Firm cannot be held responsible for the correct functioning of such web sites or external resources. Hyper-textual links and any other kind of link to the Site cannot be set without the express written authorization of Tedioli Law Firm. However, setting such links, even upon authorization, does not imply any responsibility for Tedioli Law Firm, and it is clearly understood that Tedioli Law Firm has the right to request at any time for their removal. Tedioli Law Firm has no duty to control, and effectively does not control, the content of such web sites and disclaims all responsibilities for the content and/or the material, even for the advertising material, diffused on such web sites or external resources or for products or services available on it. Such products or services cannot be considered in any way sponsored, approved, or supported by Tedioli Law Firm and Users take then the sole and full responsibility for the use and purchase of the aforementioned products or services.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The terms and conditions of use for issues in conformity with the protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property are specified in the following previsions:
  • All the contents of the Site are exclusive and reserved property of Tedioli Law Firm, and/or its partners and/or when specified of third subjects, and are protected under national and international Intellectual and/or Industrial Property law in force.
  • With the expression "web Site accessible at the URL" Tedioli Law Firm refers to any content or technical-electronic component fundamental for the Site, including, as an illustrative example and not an exhaustive one, operating system software and its relative codes, databanks, texts, photographs, animations, audio and video files, regardless of their format, trademarks, logos, etc., implemented technical solutions, graphic works, the web site structure and any other part realized or to be realized.
  • With the expression "Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights" relative to the Site, Tedioli Law Firm refers to the sphere of rights protected and recognized under current national and international laws, among whose - as an illustrative example and not an exhaustive one- any right arising from patents (including the right to register the relative request), present and future copyrights, company and/or service trademarks (whether registered or de facto used by Tedioli Law Firm), commercial names, company know-how, domain names, databanks and all other relative applications.
  • With the expression " Materials " Tedioli Law Firm refers to any content of the Site like - as an illustrative example and not an exhaustive one - texts, photographs, graphic works, files, any type of software, audio and video files, virtual animations, multimedia and/or hyper-textual elements, regardless of format, type of media for their storage, file extension (as an illustrative example and not an exhaustive one: jpg, png, gif, doc, pdf, etc.), size, version in use, implemented techniques for distribution and/or transmission.


All published Materials have been carefully checked, and have been elaborated with accuracy. However, errors, inaccuracies and omissions are possible Tedioli Law Firm disclaims any responsibility for the use of Materials freely available on the Site - for errors and omissions and for any action taken or not taken in response to Materials information.
Unless differently specified, the information contained in the Materials is an informative tool, not a source of legal advice. The firm disclaims responsibility for any actions taken or not taken by third parties in response to the contents of the Materials or in consequence of such contents, without having preliminary asked advice to the Firm.
The user agrees to fully abide by the terms of use for the Materials available on the Site and to respect all Intellectual and Industrial property rights in connection with it. The user will be personally liable of all eventual illegitimate or harmful acts he can be charged of, disclaiming Tedioli Law Firm in case his/her behaviour is in violation of national and/or international regulations on Intellectual and/or Industrial property rights, will damage third parties.